Why I Called Out Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer

By Rick Henderson

I have been preaching for 20 years.  Yesterday I did something that I have never done before in a sermon.  I publicly called out false teachers and named them by name.  I said,

If you listen to Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer, if you take what they teach seriously, it will not be good for you.  It will be detrimental to your long-term growth as a follower of Jesus.

I used to think that their error was so blatantly obvious that they could just be ignored.  I was wrong.  They are massively growing in popularity in the evangelical world and are seen as credible and helpful.  Before I’m inundated with questioning emails I want to share why I distrust these two and think you should as well.  So, don’t shoot met–at least not yet.

This post will be long, very long.  And it will link to source material.  There is likely more here than you care to ingest in one sitting.  Take your time.  Work through it carefully.  I think you owe it to yourself and as you will see in this blog, we owe it to less fortunate Christians around the world.

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When I was a kid I could tell the difference between neighborhood kids who wanted to be my friend from the neighborhood kids who were my friends so that they could play with my toys.  Joel and Joyce are the latter.  They both teach a twisted form of Christianity that teaches obedience, giving and faith as a way to get things from God.  They are both products of what is known as the Prosperity Gospel and The Word of Faith Movement, or the Seed Faith Movement.


John Piper does a great job of defining what the Prosperity Gospel is and why it is so sinister.  Please take a few minutes to watch this before moving on the critiques of Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen…

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