Book Review: God’s Not Dead by Rice Broocks

Apologetics 315

“There is evidence for an intelligent Creator everywhere you look. To say there is no evidence for this Creator is like saying the thousands of paintings in an art museum couldn’t have been painted because there are no artists visible in the gallery.”

After making this statement in the preface of his book, God’s Not Dead, Pastor/Apologist Rice Broocks proceeds to present the evidence in a clear, straightforward, readable fashion. He begins with a look at atheism, remarking on its irrationalism and its failure as a viable worldview. He then moves quickly into the issue of faith, quoting C.S Lewis’ statement that “faith is actually holding on to what your reason has led you to conclude despite your changing moods” (28). He outlines three key ingredients in faith – knowledge, assent and trust. He then explores the function and reliability of science, noting that science and religion are not at odds. The conflict, he says, lies between faith and naturalism.

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Broocks then tackles the issue of evil. He discusses the sources of morality, whether humanity is capable of being good apart from the Lord, Kant’s categorical imperative, and Darwinian ethics, concluding with Dostoevsky’s statement that, without God, everything is permissible.
The author then explores the origins of humanity and the universe, starting with the statement that “there was a beginning” (66). He looks at the implications of the big bang and the lengths to which some skeptics have gone to redefine the word ‘nothing’ to make it mean ‘something’, focusing on the statements of atheists Lawrence Krauss, Victor Stenger and Michael Shermer in particular. He also discusses the fine-tuning of the universe and gives his views on the multiverse hypothesis.

In a chapter entitled Life is No Accident, Broocks notes that Darwin, in his Origin of the Species, presented his theory about just that – the origin of different species, not the origin of life itself. Distinguishing between microevolution and macroevolution, the author discusses the issues of irreducible complexity, using the examples of bacterial flagellum and the human eye. He then offers his thoughts on the “God of the gaps” and the Cambrian explosion, two common subjects for debate.

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Book Review: God’s Not Dead by Rice Broocks – Apologetics 315


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