Is “Evolution vs. God” a Genuine Science-Faith Apologetics Engagement?

by Kenneth Samples

Christians are divided as to how to view the broad theory of evolution. Some believers view evolution as the biological means by which God created the diverse life found on planet Earth (often called theistic evolution or evolutionary creationism). Other Christians reject the idea that human beings are the product of evolution, affirming instead some form of direct divine creation (accepting either young-earth or old-earth creationism theories).

The new DVD entitled Evolution vs. God pits Christian evangelist and young-earth creationist Ray Comfort against a handful of secular scientists and multiple university students who affirm naturalistic evolution (the atheistic view that human beings evolved through purely naturalistic means). The DVD splices together segments of Comfort’s interviews with these professors and students on a number of university campuses.

Evolution vs. God is an engaging and thought provoking video that raises important questions about science and faith. It also seems to be receiving a wide showing among many evangelical Christians. These reasons prompted me to provide a brief review of this film. Since my academic and professional background is in philosophy and theology I’ll provide a general apologetics review of the DVD. If you would like to read a review written by a scientist who is also a Christian then let me strongly recommend my friend and colleague Dr. Jeff Zweerink’s critique on the Reasons to Believe website.

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Mixed Bag

As an example of evangelistic and apologetics engagement on science-faith issues I think the video is largely a mixed bag containing both positive and negative elements. In the end, the way the video captures and shapes Comfort’s interactions with the interviewees seems quite contrived and somewhat unrealistic. Thus, I think the film may give Christians a false impression about what it means to engage in science-faith apologetics. However, before I offer further critique allow me to address what I think are the positives in the film…

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Is “Evolution vs. God” a Genuine Science-Faith Apologetics Engagement? | Reflections


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