Old Enough to Defend

By Cristy Whitlock

You’ve probably heard that a majority of kids leave the church when they graduate from high school. Some say that the number is as high as 80%.

I don’t know how accurate that stat is, but it sounds about right. Whether it’s 80% or 8%, we should be alarmed that any kids leave the church after being nurtured by it for so long. Are the parents responsible? Is it the church’s job to ensure that the love for the church is so deep that they are compelled to continue the journey even after they are free to choose not to? Do we need to raise expectations for Bible knowledge? While I think the answer to these questions might be yes, I feel that there is one key ingredient that the church and parents often fail to add to a kid’s life.

It’s apologetics.

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I’ve spoken to dozens of college students and singles over the years who have left the church. These are adults who truly knew what they believed. They could even quote scripture better than most pastors I know. What you believe is very important. However, what’s also important is being able to defend what you believe…

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Kids Ministry 101 — Old Enough to Defend


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