Practical Apologetics #3: What if They Just Don’t Care?

by Jacob Allee

If you share your faith very often then you know that one of the biggest challenges to spreading the Christian faith is not that other religions have better argument for their faith, nor is it that atheism is more compelling in how it answers the big questions of life, one of the greatest challenges of our day is apathy. A lot of people act like they simply don’t care about much of anything unless they see how it affects them or someone they love. So what can we do with the people who just don’t seem to care?

One of the biggest problems with people in this category is that they have been brainwashed by a degenerate form of the gospel that has spread throughout our society, namely, that if you’re a good person you’ll be okay. This belief which I would call “the moral gospel” has rooted itself deep into our culture. It doesn’t take much time looking through popular television, books and other media to see that people believe in spirituality, something called “god” and the idea that if they’re a relatively good person it’ll surely work out in the end.

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There are of course several major problems with this line of thinking. First, it simply isn’t true that being a good person is sufficient to bring you eternal life. The Scriptures are clear that all people have sinned (Romans 3:23), that any transgression of God’s law is the same as breaking all of it (James 2:10), the wages of our sins is death (Romans 6:23) and that the only hope of having our sins taken care of and having eternal life with God is Jesus (John 14:6; Romans 3:23-26) and that received by faith apart from our own good deeds (Ephesians 2:8-10). If one message is clear in the Bible it is that our own goodness cannot save us, only the goodness of God can save us.

The second major problem is people’s definition of the word “good?” They will say “I am a good person” but to what do they look for their definition of good? In almost every instance it is another sinful human being. As long as they can find people that are “a lot worse” than they are then they think they are good. Yet the Scripture is clear that God’s standard for goodness is perfection just like he is perfect (Matthew 5:48). When we compare ourselves to the appropriate standard of goodness, that is God himself, then suddenly we realize we are anything but good…

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