What Apologetics Must Never Become

Nail Mark Ministries

I firmly hold that apologetics has a threefold purpose, namely, to defend, affirm and proclaim the gospel message and Christian worldview. As apologists we are about the ministry of shielding the faith from those who attack and attempt to destroy it and we do this by taking arguments against God, the Bible, Jesus, etc., and dismantling them and showing them to pose no credible threat to the truth of the Christian worldview (2 Corinthians 10:4-5). A byproduct of that defense is that it comforts and affirms the faith of believers who see that there are no sustainable objections against their faith which, in turn, bolsters their confidence.

Furthermore in equipping believers with apologetics, even prior to the need to defend their faith, we encourage Christians because they can see that they have really good reasons to believe that Christianity is true. Finally, apologetics actually is not all defensive but also has an offensive side as well. Apologetics is a powerful tool in the

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hands of an evangelist who presents the gospel and effectively answers questions and objections to the credibility of the Christian faith which leaves the person alone with Jesus, the gospel, and no more smoke screens (1 Peter 3:15).

Yes, I believe apologetics is powerful and vital to a healthy Christianity in this present day. But there is a form of pseudo-apologetics out there today which, I believe, is far more dangerous than any objection from a skeptic I’ve ever heard. This pseudo-apologetic methodology is that of making Christianity more palatable to the secular mind. Rather than defending the faith, defending the truth of the word of God, it instead twists and shapes Christianity into something that is more acceptable to the culture. It is the kind of approach that takes away the stumbling block and inserts a comfy pillow…

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