What the Bible Says About Government

By Dr. Art Lindsley

The United States of America was born out of a debate about the size and scope of government.

The American colonies separated from England over the issue. They then ratified the United States Constitution only after lengthy deliberation about the role and scope of their new federal government. The first political parties built their platforms around the size and role of government.

This debate continues to define American politics and impacts the lives of individuals in many other countries as well. Clearly, it’s a controversial, multi-faceted issue.

Our perspective on government has massive implications. Laws, regulations, and taxes can impact the way we work, our freedom to trade, our ability to become entrepreneurs, and our ownership of private property. They impact our ability to build a flourishing society. It’s not an easy issue, but it’s certainly important.

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What does the Bible say? Some argue that the Bible teaches limited government. Others maintain that the Bible teaches Marxism or socialism, or at least is consistent with big government of some sort. The Bible doesn’t give us an easy, one-verse answer, but it does provide us with some guidelines.

What are some considerations that can help us frame this debate and work towards a conclusion? In this series, we will look at four principles that give us context for this discussion…


What the Bible Says About Government | Institute for Faith, Work & Economics Blog


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