Apologetics are good for us

by Jen Bradbury

During the wee hours of our summer mission trip, I realized one of my student leaders was in the midst of a spiritual crisis.

Just before the trip, her atheist friend asked her, “Why do you believe in God?” In that moment, she realized she didn’t have an answer to this question so she responded, “I just do.”

Her answer – or lack thereof – catapulted this student leader into a crisis of faith.

A few weeks later, when my student leaders brainstormed the topics they wanted to discuss this fall, I wasn’t surprised when this particular student suggested we discuss the question, “Does God exist?”

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I was, however, surprised by how many other student leaders agreed this question was important for us to wrestle with. I was even more surprised when this particular student volunteered to lead this discussion.

I’ll admit, I had to work hard to suppress my initial, gut reaction, which cried out, “You don’t even know why God exists! How could I possibly let you lead this discussion?”

Before long, however, I realized it made perfect sense for this particular student to want to lead this discussion. For her, this question was not just an abstract, theoretical exercise. It was real, personal and of the utmost importance. Because this question was hers, she was motivated to search out the answers to it…

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Apologetics are good for us – YMJen


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