Is Faith Blind?

by Josh Fults

Every time I hear a Christian refer to their belief in Christ with the term “blind faith” I cringe. No worldview should be built on blind faith. While I will concede that at times we have questions that are challenging where we are left wanting for greater explanation, I refuse to accept my most precious beliefs blindly. Blind belief means we are in the dark. We hold to something without good reason. There are many good reasons for why I hold to my Christian beliefs.The very fact that the adjective “blind” is sometimes placed before faith is indication that the term “faith” does not carry the connotation of being blind. Faith is meant to be informed.

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Believers must be encouraged to engage their faith with their minds. I am not saying that faith is to be strictly reduced to the use of logic at the expense of emotional expression. I am saying that we have been commanded to use our minds in seeking truth. Luke 10:27 reminds us that we are to “love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind.” Faith is an act of will, emotional engagement, spiritual sensitivity, and intellectual fervor. If we ignore any part of this command it is to our detriment…

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