This Time: One of the most important and moving videos you’ll ever see

Earlier this year I had the privilege of interviewing John Elefante, one of my favorite musicians/songwriter/vocalists of all-time (Christian or otherwise) and was very pleasantly surprised that we shared at least one thing in common, which is the fact that we are both adoptive parents, not to mention that we are both adamantly pro-life. I discovered this as we discussed John’s latest album, On My Way to the Sun, which includes a song entitled, This Time, a song that moved me to tears the very first time I heard it, and just about every time since. The song, inspired by John’s adopted daughter, Sami, tells the story of a young girl in an abortion clinic who starts to imagine what her unborn child’s life might be like as she begins to have second thoughts on what she is about to do. I’ll let the song and video speak for itself from there and I encourage you to listen, watch, and especially to share this video by any and all means available to you. Let’s help John Elefante and the makers of this video make a difference…




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