I opened [CS Lewis’] Mere Christianity and found myself…face-to-face with an intellect so disciplined, so lucid, so relentlessly logical that I was glad I never had to face him in a court of law… As [I] read, I could feel a flush coming to my face and a curious burning sensation… Lewis’ words seemed to pound straight at me… I realized there was less heresy in rejecting Him altogether, dismissing Him as a raving lunatic, to use Lewis’ word, than to remake Him into something He wasn’t (and isn’t)… If I was to believe in God at all, I had to take him as He reveals Himself, not as I might wish Him to be… I knew the time had come for me: I could not sidestep the central question Lewis (or God) had placed squarely before me. Was I to accept without reservations Jesus Christ as Lord of my life? It was like a gate before me. There was no way to walk around it. I would step through or I would remain outside. A “maybe” or “I  need more time” was kidding myself. —Chuck Colson (from his book, Born Again)