How Reasonable Are Our Reasons?

by Mark Greenwood

It’s the very thing that most Christians are least confident about and yet it’s the number one way we get into sharing our faith. “Hey you’re a Christian what do you think about..?” “How can you believe when..?” I’m sure you’ve been there! So how do we respond in those situations? Well I only have a few moments to chat about something that has taken me 25 years to develop. I teach on this subject a lot and so if you want more info then contact me my details are at the end of this article.

Here are a few practical things that we need to employ which I have developed over the time that I have spent defending the Christian from discussion with 1 person to debating in universities.

Defence not an attack

It’s very easy when somebody asks you a question or even challenges what you believe to go on the attack. It’s my observation that many Christians don’t share their faith for fear they may be unable to answer difficult questions.

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Sometimes the opposite is true we can end up attacking what others believe. However in my experience this doesn’t prove the most constructive time. I believe it’s more important to defend what we believe. Confidence leads to gentleness! we need to be confident about what we believe but not arrogant about it.

Reasonable rather than circular

“Because it says so in the Bible!” You won’t hear me disagreeing with you there but that’s because what the Bible says is good enough for me. Unfortunately people who aren’t Christians don’t think quite like that. I don’t want to be misunderstood here because I use the Bible a lot in my evangelism. But may I suggest that when trying to reason with people who don’t value the Bible, let alone believe it, that simply saying “because it says so in the Bible” is more circular than it is reasonable. I believe we need to reason with people in a way that is thought provoking and not just preaching…

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