Midweek Apologetics Hit and Misc: Sweaty Atheists


Apologetics Hit and MiscDesign and the God of the Gaps | Evidence Unseen

Apologetics Hit and MiscDaring God Makes Atheists Sweat | The Fix

Apologetics Hit and MiscI think it’s ok to teach Relative Truth | Parchment and Pen

Apologetics Hit and MiscInternet Battle for Hearts, Minds and Global Redemption | Christian Media 2.0

Apologetics Hit and MiscStand to Reason | Greg Koukl – Tactics and Christians

Apologetics Hit and MiscConfident Christianity: How Do We Tackle The Problem Of Evil?

Apologetics Hit and MiscConfident Christianity | Baptist Messenger of Oklahoma

Apologetics Hit and MiscPossible Worlds: Tactics to Avoid

Apologetics Hit and Misc“It Can Wait”: the Worst Objection to Living for Christ | Don’t Forget to Think!

Apologetics Hit and MiscDr. Mike Licona Lecture: Can a Reasonable Person Believe Jesus Rose from the Dead

Apologetics Hit and MiscJ. Warner Wallace: practical advice on becoming an effective one-dollar apologist

Apologetics Hit and MiscAre We Alone in the Universe? – NYTimes.com


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