Music Video Showing Daughter Surviving Abortion Saves Three Babies From Abortions

by Steven Ertelt

The former leader singer of Kansas, whose amazing video for his new single tells the story of his adopted daughter’s birth and surviving an abortion, has saved three babies from abortion.

John Elefante released a music video for the song, “This Time”, which was inspired by his adopted daughter Sami’s birth. Posted to YouTube and announced on September 16th, the video quickly went viral, with more than 100,000 views in just the first five days.  With more than 330,000 views now, the video is not just changing hearts and minds, it is save lives.

Elefante, a highly-regarded singer who fronted the Christian rock band Mastedon and has produced albums for dozens of top-selling Christian artists, tells LifeNews today that This Time has now saved at least three babies from abortion.

The singer told LifeNews the babies the song has saved demonstrate the power of God to use the medium of music videos to change lives.

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“When I first completed the song, I sat back and listened to it, my eyes welled up with tears of joy when I thought of what might have been had not for Sami’s birth-mother choosing life,” he said. “My very next thought was, this song has some kind of anointing about it, power that could give hope to someone contemplating an abortion at the same time planting the seed that adoption could be the answer and a perfect option.”

Elefante added, “I prayed to myself, Lord if we could just save one life with this song, just one, then it’s all worth it, just one life would validate the anointing, you have placed upon it. Now after the video has come out it has brought this powerful song to another level, it enables one to visualize the message within.”

“There have now been 3 testimonies (that we know of) of young women that have chosen life as a result of this music video. I pray for MANY MANY more,” he said…

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