The cumulative evidence for Jesus’ claim to divinity and the prophetic specifics that had to congeal clearly make for a book with the power of the supernatural. That is why writers such as Peter, Paul, John, Jude, and Luke, from highly different backgrounds, nevertheless paint a similar picture of the Word of God who became flesh and dwelled among us, whose pure and impeccable life accompanied his teaching, and that he was the fulfillment of the prophetic voices from Moses to Malachi, who, over more than a thousand years, predicted his coming, his death, and his resurrection. From carpenters to fishermen to educators to theologians to civic leaders to a medical doctor—they all converge on the same truth. These don’t sound like people who would make up a story and one by one go to an early death to support it! Take Paul alone—a Hebrew by birth who studied in Greece and was a citizen of Rome, a highly educated man and a leader in his community. There was nothing he wanted to do more than to disprove Jesus as the Messiah. Yet he ended up writing one-third of the New Testament and paid for his faith in Christ with his life. Why would he make up such a thing? —Ravi Zacharias

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