Remembering C. S. Lewis 50 Years after His Death

by Kenneth Samples

One of my favorite present-day Christian philosophers Tom Morris had this to say about the writings of C. S. Lewis:

Clarity is power. This is one of the reasons that, for more than half a century, the immensely popular books and essays of C. S. Lewis have launched into the world a nearly steady stream of new Christian philosophers and intellectuals.1

Lewis’s book Mere Christianity was the first Christian book that I ever read. My sister gave it to me and it had a big impact upon me as a young believer. The book discussed essential Christian doctrine and values and it offered specific arguments for the truth of historic Christianity.

I remember being very impressed with the clarity of Lewis’s writing and struck by his crisp logical reasoning. I went on to read virtually all of Lewis’s theological and apologetics related books. And so, in part, I was motivated to study philosophy and Christian apologetics because of Lewis’s writings.

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Morris also comments on the power and eloquence of Lewis’s writings in a way that matches how I felt, especially when I read Lewis for the first time.

As a college student, I recall finding in his books sentences of such insight, and unexpected phrases of such perfection, that I would just sit and stare at the words, thinking to myself, I wish I had been able to say it that way.2

There are many passages in Lewis’s writings that have made me feel exactly how Morris describes. Here’s just one example from Lewis that always makes me marvel…

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Remembering C. S. Lewis 50 Years after His Death | Reflections


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