The Heart of an Apologist

By John Christy

I have an inquiring mind. I always have questions which when answered lead to more questions and I never accept things at face value. I often find myself as the “devil’s advocate” in discussions when I see a group in agreement. I also try to know the opposing side’s reasoning as much as possible – sometimes as well as the opposition itself. I firmly believe what I believe but am continually seeking to test my beliefs under all scrutiny.

To put a formal title on an informal position – I am an Apologist.

Not that I have any official role as such but in my mentality – especially when relating to Christianity – I am definitely an Apologist. I do not claim to be an authority or the best or necessarily a very good one – I’ll leave that open for your opinions – but rather, this is my mindset, this is how I view things – as an Apologist.

Apologetics comes from the Ancient Greek word ‘apologia’.

Apologia is a speech or writing that defends the speaker or author’s position. Therefore an Apologist is a person who makes a defense in speech or writing of a belief, idea, etc.

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An Apologist is often considered as one who is rational and seeking more answers than experiences – but is this the complete picture?

Experiences are wonderful. They keep us intimately interested in the big picture. They give us the strength to believe when things are most difficult. They give us the passion and conviction to live our lives for Christ. Without our experiences and the emotions we feel during those times we would quickly loose the meaning behind what we believe. We would believe with our minds and not feel with our hearts.

Emotions are a beautiful gift from God to help us know deep within us that He loves us, that He can be trusted, and that He is eternal. Without our experiences we could not have an intimate relationship with our Creator.

The apostle Paul was converted to Christianity by a series of experiences (Acts 9:1-19, 22:5–16, 26:12-18). His entire conversion was based on supernatural experiences filled with emotions…

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The Heart of an Apologist | John Christy


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