The most important aspect of Christianity is the truth of knowing the Triune God through the redemption that is initiated by the Father, accomplished by the Son on the cross, and applied by the work of the Holy Spirit. The gospel is the “good news” that we can be forgiven of our sins and be reconciled to God through faith. But the life of the mind is an indispensable aspect of the overall Christian life and worldview. In fact, when the life of the mind is ignored or devalued, the fullness of the Christian worldview cannot be fully appreciated. I’m concerned that too many believers think they must choose between being spiritual (or moral) on one hand or intellectual on the other. Yet instead of an either-or situation, it can definitely be both-and. The life of the mind is a critical part of one’s overall devotion to God. —Ken Samples (from, A Conversation on the Life of the Mind)

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