Well, Who Made God, Then?

by Glenn Smith

Tonight I heard a debate between a Christian, John Mark Reynolds, and an atheist, Dan Barker. The question was “Does God Exist?”

Dan Barker is an intelligent man who routinely speaks against religion and has similar debates. Midway through the debate, Barker used the tired old statement, ‘Who made God?’ I am amazed that such a statement is still being used by intelligent atheists. That Richard Dawkins would make it a central point of one of his books is surprising. That Bertrand Russell used it a couple of generations ago is astounding, since Russell is far superior to Dawkins.

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The question Who made God? is trotted out by popular atheists as if it is some sort of profound statement that theists and philosophers have never thought of. Atheists seem to think they’ve used a nuclear weapon to end the argument. That such a tired line of reasoning is still being used demonstrates that these atheists either do not care to learn the answers, or know the flaw and use the argument anyway.

The statement Who made God? usually comes up after theists have given a statement about there being design in the universe or that the universe is caused. Atheists respond by saying that if complexity requires a designer, or existence of the universe requires a cause, then God would be subject to the same principles, and God would require a designer or a creator…

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