What’s the Deal with Atheism?

by Dustin Huguet

Recently I posted a question on reddit.com.  I simply asked “What are your questions about God, or the existence of God?” Essentially, I believed this to be a rather harmless inquiry; however, I was surprised to see the anger communicated both to me and to the idea of God.  My intention was not to spark a torrent of rage, but simply to get some good questions that people struggled with when it comes to a belief in a higher power.  I received over 200 comments within 3 hours of posting this question, and although I did my best to “weather the storm” so to speak, my attempts proved futile.  Amongst the fierce barrage of rather unhappy criticism, I was unable to begin a meaningful conversation.  Even if there were a few that were genuinely interested in doing so, their voice was lost in a sea of displeasure.  Although I understand that perhaps this website is not the best place to find strong

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intellectual advocates for atheism, it still inspired inquiry to the motivation behind the atheist’s mission.  I find that amongst the atheist community there is great anger toward belief in God.  Whether they have been hurt by the church or people whom they know to be Christian, or even hurt by what Christians stand for, clearly there is something more than just intellectual blockage involved.  So then, what is the deal with Atheism, really?

I have had many conversations with atheists, and most of them are positive.  They usually begin with thoughts and ideas from both perspectives. Obviously I attempt to explain why belief in God is reasonable, and they usually counter with an argument against; thus begins a healthy dialogue.   I have typically enjoyed my conversations with those who disagree with the existence of God.  Not because I like hearing why God doesn’t exist, but rather because it sharpens my ability to give an account for the hope that I have (paraphrasing 1 Peter 3:15).  That all being said, there does sometimes come a point in the conversation where reason is no longer valued…or so it seems…

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