Worldviews and Reality

by Greg Koukl

I have fielded some questions lately about whether a person with a modern worldview (STR types, presumably) can really connect with people in an emerging, postmodern culture.

This also may be a concern of yours. I don’t think it’s anything you should lose any sleep over, though. Here’s why.

First, I don’t think my worldview is “modern,” though I know this is a favorite challenge of postmoderns. Yes, I believe in the legitimacy of reason, but this doesn’t make me a modern simply because the Enlightenment period exalted reason to idol status.

Pre-moderns of all stripes—including medievals and ancients—trusted reason not because it was a pop idol, but because it was an undeniable feature of reality. I cannot properly be called a modernist simply because I follow in their example, and I would vigorously resist that label because it is often an attempt to simply dismiss anything I might say.

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Second, I realize that the prevailing worldview among young people is a kind of knee-jerk postmodern relativism. They are very skeptical about truth claims and the kind of “rationality” that moderns have used to justify views that have led to oppression. But that is only a part of the story, the small part.

There is something else that is almost always missed with challenges like this one. Bad worldviews, even if deeply believed, cannot undo reality. God has given every human being the ability to know truth about his world. Reality, then, becomes our ally, even with postmoderns.

Our convictions as Christians include that God exists, that this is His world, and that man is made in His image. If we are right, then reality turns out to be structured in a very specific way and no skeptic can escape it…

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