Arguing from the Evidence: The Fine-Tuning Argument

by Jonathan Sherwin

The Universe that we live in is special. In fact, it is very, very special. Scientists are in awe of just how special this Universe appears to be. The apparent fine-tuning, or precise calibration, that we see in the Universe is quite simply amazing.

For the Christian, this all makes sense. For the non-believer this poses a problem. This, the second part in our ‘Arguing from the Evidence’ series, is the Fine-Tuning Argument.

Dialed In

Sir Martin Rees, our top Astronomer, wrote the book on the science behind this wonder. Just Six Numbers shows how our basic physical constants need to be dialed in to precisely the right setting for life to have come to exist after the Big Bang. A slight variation from this, and there would be nothing.

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And the variation needed for change is slight indeed. Let’s take gravity for instance. Robin Collins tells us that if we change gravity by “one part in ten thousand billion, billion, billion” there would be “no humanly populated world”.

There is no ‘safe zone’, no happy band for which these settings can exist. They’re either right or they’re wrong, and there are billions and billions of other settings that are ‘wrong’.

The dial is set, and is set well for life. Either this is pure cosmic accident, chance, or something set the dial that way.

But when you look deeper into this, as scientists do, it gets harder and harder to believe that is luck. The odds just don’t stack up…

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