Bible Secrets Revealed?: A Response to the New History Channel Series (Part 4)

by Michael Kruger

This is the fourth installment of a new series reviewing the History Channel series entitled Bible Secrets Revealed (for others, see here, here and here).  The newest episode is entitled, “The Real Jesus,” and addresses the question of what we can know about the historical Jesus.

Not surprisingly, the tenor of this latest episode is the same as the other episodes, namely that the accounts of the Bible (in this case, the Gospels) cannot be trusted.  This documentary catalogs a number of places where (it claims) the Gospels are simply mistaken.  Let’s run through some issues that are raised.

1. The Virgin Birth.  Almost from the start, the documentary brings up the issue of Jesus’ birth and whether he was really born of a virgin.  In particular it makes the observation that the virgin birth was only recorded in Matthew and Luke’s gospel.  If it really happened, wouldn’t it have been included in the other gospels?

But, this whole line of reasoning is fallacious.  First, there are all kinds of events that some gospels record and others do not.  That is the nature of historical records–they are inevitably limited and selective.  So, the lack of mention by Mark and John means nothing.

But, more than this, the documentary fails to mention that Mark and John don’t even have birth accounts!  They just don’t tell that part of Jesus’ story.  Thus, it is hardly surprising they wouldn’t mention the fact that his birth was of a virgin, when they don’t really mention his birth at all.

2. The Gnostic Gospels.  The narrator mentions the discovery of the so-called “Gnostic Gospels” at Nag Hammadi, Egypt (the most famous of which is Thomas).  In an effort to present these gospels are more historically credible than the canonical gospels, he then claims that these manuscripts are older than the oldest copies of the New Testament.

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The problem with this claim is that it is patently false.  These manuscripts, written in Coptic, date mostly to the fourth and fifth centuries, whereas we have NT manuscripts from as early as the second century. Once again, one wonders about the historical accuracy of the Historical Channel when mistakes like this are made–mistakes that just happen to be in favor of the more radical version of the historical Jesus.

3. Teachings of Jesus.  At one point the narrator says that we cannot be sure of much regarding Jesus, but we can be sure that he taught ” a profound religious philosophy,” namely he taught about the “divine nature of mankind.”


Anyone who has read the canonical gospels knows that Jesus did not in fact teach that humans were divine or that they had the divine inside of them.  On the contrary, Jesus often made such claims about himself as the unique, divine son of God.

If one wants to find a gospel that teaches that we are all divine, then the Gospel of Thomas is the place to turn.  Unfortunately, the documentary is once again profoundly mistaken about the nature of the canonical gospels.

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