God’s Not Dead: The Song that Inspired a Book that Inspired a Movie

by Greg West

It all started with the popular Christian band, The Newsboys, and their awesome song, God’s Not Dead, from the 2011 album of the same title. Not long after the album’s release, evangelist and apologist Dr. Rice Broocks (lead pastor of Every Nation Church and developer of the evangelism tool, The God Test) was commissioned with writing a book inspired by the song which presented the basic arguments backing the truth claims of Christianity.

The result was, God’s Not Dead: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty, which is both an excellent introduction to and a primer for apologetics—a book I highly recommend to anyone who is just starting out in apologetics who wants to familiarize themselves with the basic arguments for Christianity and its defense—something that is indispensable for evangelizing in our pluralistic culture that is increasingly hostile to Christianity; a culture that wants nothing more than for us and our children to abandon any and every idea of Christianity’s claims that we are sinners in need of a Savior and that the Gospel of Jesus stands alone as the only true path to God. This is a book that I would like to encourage every Christian parent out there to read, give to their children to read, and then begin to discuss the ideas presented in the book together.

We need for apologetics to have a presence in the public square, in our churches, but most of all we need it in the home, because after all, it is our responsibility as Christian parents, as Proverbs 22:6 tells us, to train our children in the way they should go. We can tell them the way they should go all day long until we’re blue in the face, but if we’re not taking part in lifelong training, starting today, then we may as well just be spitting in the wind. Not only is this book a valuable training tool to help you do that, but this spring, another tool, a dramatic movie inspired by the book, will be hitting a theater near you, which we’re hoping that churches and youth groups will get out there and see and discuss.

God’s Not Dead, the movie, focuses on college freshman, Josh Wheaton (played by Shane Harper; synopsis here) who encounters a hostile philosophy professor (played by Kevin Sorbo) who threatens Josh with a failing grade for not signing a statement declaring that God is dead—and if you think that this is a far fetched scenario, you should check into the Christian legal defense group, Alliance Defending Freedom, because they will tell you that this type of scenario is all too common.*

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Even outside the classroom, nearly every young person who was raised in the church or in a Christian family, will inevitably at some point in their young lives, experience a crisis of faith (I’m a perfect example), and how they will weather this storm will largely depend on how well we have equipped them to—on how we have ‘trained’ them in the way they should go.

I’m excited about God’s Not Dead, the movie, because it presents the need to be able to defend Christianity, both personally and in the public square, in a dramatic and entertaining way. Even Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson and his wife Korie have a cameo role in what is perhaps the film’s most humorous moment. The film not only tells us Josh’s story, but it also tells us how his defense of his faith affects those around him—some in ways he could not have imagined.

There is currently around 1400 churches who have either rented theaters, or blocks of seats in theaters, to encourage their congregations and youth groups to see the film (visit the official website to find out how) —my goal is to see that number doubled by the time it’s March 21st, 2014 slated release date—and you can help that goal be realized by sharing this post and the videos below on your social networks (You can even ‘like’ God’s Not Dead Official Facebook page)  and with your church and youth groups… and by all means, go see God’s Not Dead the movie yourself and take the whole family!






Not long ago, here in my home town, the ADF defended a Missouri State University student who received a failing grade in a class for refusing to write a paper defending gay marriage. Fortunately, they won the case and the school was made to pay this student’s full tuition to the school of her choice.


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