Jesus, the Alien Superhero

by Joshua Rogers

I have an agnostic friend named Ben who regularly peppers me with politely-antagonistic questions about my faith. For example, the other day, he asked me whether I really believed what the Bible said about Jesus’ life.

“Shoot straight with me, Joshua,” he said. “Isn’t there at least some part of you that wonders whether this stuff really happened?”

My first instinct was to respond that I didn’t have any doubts, probably because I was trying to assure myself that I was solid in my faith. But instead, I decided to search my heart and see if there was a doubting Thomas in there.

“Let me get back to you,” I said.

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Later on that day, after I had an opportunity to think it through, I saw Ben and reminded him of his question.

“Ben, I’m being completely transparent when I say this: I seriously believe that God was born into a human body, grew up, and rescued everyone by dying and coming back to life.”

He looked at me with a smirk and said, “So you’re basically saying that you believe in an alien superhero?”

I paused, thought for a moment, and then said, “Yeah, that’s right. I believe in an alien superhero named Jesus — kind of like Superman, but with a beard and a robe.”

Ben seemed amused, but I was inspired.

I’ve spent my life overexposed to Bible stories via Easter musicals, manger scenes, and pictures of Jesus doing miracles. As a result, I’ve effectively lost touch with how far-out the Christian faith is. Ben’s question brought me back to reality: If I believe the biblical account of Jesus is actually true, I necessarily believe that at least one real superhero existed in human history…

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