The Big Bang and The Existence of God

By Louis Markos, Ph.D.

Does the Big Bang prove or disprove the existence of God? You decide.

As a fan of the original Star Trek series, I was never bothered by the fact that the Starship Enterprise had no problem finding Type M planets spread out across the universe. For those not familiar with Trekkie lingo, a Type M planet is an Earth-like planet with an atmosphere and climate suitable for humanoid habitation.

In the early days of the Space Race, when Star Trek was first on the air, many assumed that our planet wasn’t particularly special, that further exploration would reveal a variety of planets capable of sustaining human life. Today, most scientists have departed from this sense of certainty. Despite

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early hopes of finding hospitable planets around Gliese 581, the more we learn about our universe, the less likely it seems that we will find another Earth-like planet in the vast reaches of space.1

Fine-Tuned Universe

Our planet is a rare phenomenon; only the precise tuning of cosmic forces allows Earth to sustain carbon-based life. Fancy-sounding forces like gravity, electromagnetism, nuclear force, and the cosmological constant all operate within extremely narrow parameters. Were any of them to shift up or down by the slightest degree, the universe would either fly apart or fold in on itself. Bottom line? Life as we know it would be impossible.

Scientists who calculate the odds of life happening as an isolated convergence of the elements come up with mind-boggling numbers; some estimates of the probability have exceeded one in the number of atoms in the universe.2

The fact that we are present here in this world seems nothing short of miraculous. The uniqueness of our solar system, our position within that system, the composition of our atmosphere, and the precise physical laws by which our universe can exist . . . all these facets bespeak intelligent design by a super-natural agent.

Find that sentence offensive or asinine? Let me explain…

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