Why I choose science over religion…and you should too!

by Jay Medenwaldt

Main Point: The title of this article may seem shocking and unorthodox coming from a Christian, but it’s really not as radical as you might think.  If you give me a chance to explain, I think I can justify it and maybe even convince you to share my view.  I choose science over religion because doing so is logical and even biblical.  The Bible tells us to examine everything carefully (1 Thess 5:21) and not to judge hypocritically (Matt 7:1-5, Matt 23:27, Rom 12:9); two commands I am obeying and advocating by choosing science over religion.  However, don’t think that my view is just a blanket statement that applies to every situation.  I will only choose science if making a choice is necessary and after very carefully considering and understanding both sides.

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For the most part, science and religion do not overlap, so there is usually no reason to choose one over the other.  Science and religion serve different purposes and answer different questions.  The purpose of science is to learn about the physical aspects of the universe while religion answers questions about the supernatural and immaterial, such as who is God, what is the purpose of life, and what is morally right, etc.  However, there are instances where specific religious claims pertain to the physical universe.  Jesus even echoed this statement by saying He tells us of earthly things so we can believe what He tells us about heavenly things (John 3:12).  It is only in those rare instances of overlap that I elevate science over religion because the scientific method, although limited to the physical universe, is the most reliable and accurate method for uncovering truth.  Science transcends personal experience and can mostly rule out chance, other extraneous factors, personal biases, and errors in reasoning.  It uses objective measures and produces results that are testable and repeatable1.  It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, where you live, or what your state of mind is – if you do the same experiment, the results will always be the same2.  The scientific method is the best and only way to carefully examine religious claims about the physical universe…

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