12 Christian Apologetics Quotes to Start the New Year

Apologetics QuotesThere are a lot of things that may be possible in the world, but are highly unlikely: such as dealing oneself a royal flush in poker two times in a row. Of course mathematics shows that such an event is possible, but it isn’t reasonable to believe that such a thing happened without deliberate intervention. If I’m playing poker and I see you dealt two royal flushes, I’m going to accuse you of cheating. That would be the reasonable thing to do. Similarly, seeing the strong evidences for a creator from the natural world, one is reasonable to infer deliberate intervention. —Lenny Esposito (from, Separating What’s Possible from What’s Reasonable)

Apologetics QuotesIt’s time that the Church recognize that asking good questions and doing some good critical thinking is not antithetical to faith. In fact, I would argue that it is the very basis for faith, properly understood…We must remember that “all truth is God’s truth” and we should not shy away from it. If what we have is true, we should not be afraid to think about it, investigate it and question it. If it’s true, what do we have to fear? —Daniel Carrington (from, Should Christians be Anti-Intellectual?)

Apologetics QuotesThere were many in Jesus’ day who saw his miracles and yet rejected him. They had plenty of evidence. It wasn’t lack of reasons that kept them from accepting him, it was something else. There is more to knowing God in Jesus Christ than mere intellectual assent, like agreeing that the universe is vast, or some such thing. There is also the joyful yielding of the will. God gave enough light so that those who would willingly submit to him would have reasons for confidence in him. For my part, I find reasons everywhere I look! —Tom Gilson (from, Why Isn’t There More Compelling Evidence For God?)

Apologetics QuotesIt’s easy to reach those in the Church who are already interested in “apologetics”. That’s no longer my goal. I want to interest the disinterested, challenge those who don’t yet recognize the challenge, and engaged those who feel disengaged. If we hope to change the direction of the Church and grow a movement of thoughtful, intellectually robust Christian ambassadors, we’re going to need to reach those who are disinterested. —J Warner Wallace (from, Reaching Those Who Are Disinterested)

Apologetics QuotesApologetics does not merely free Christians from the anxieties of intellectual doubt. It helps us to praise God when we see that God is at the center of a satisfying world-view. Apologetics helps us to realize that “worldly wisdom” is built on a house of cards. It frees the Christian from the intellectual fashions of a secular world and the pop-morality of soap operas. Apologetics leads hearts and minds back to God and his Word. —Graham Veale (from, Two Myths About Doubt and the Reason for Apologetics)

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Apologetics QuotesI am often dumbfounded when I hear Christians make the statement that Apologetics is an unnecessary discipline because God can take care of Himself. Of course God can take care of Himself. That is not up for debate. Yet, if apologetics is unnecessary, then why does God command the Christian to engage in Apologetics? God doesn’t need defending, but people need help making sense of the many competing ideas. We have been commanded to give a reason for the hope we have. It is only the lazy Christian that cannot give reasons for his faith. Evangelism doesn’t happen within a vacuum. It happens amidst many different subcultures. People’s background, experiences, history, education, etc. effects how they relate to the gospel. While we can never be completely prepared, we can do our best to have an understanding of our own beliefs and be able to offer a reasonable explanation of them. —Josh Fults (from the article, God Doesn’t Need Defending)

Apologetics QuotesI think apologetics without evangelism is a bit of a wasted effort. When I was at Willow Creek Church, we had an apologetics team called “The Defenders,” but we didn’t just say, “Go study in a room and learn a bunch of stuff.”  We wanted them using that knowledge to really lead people to Christ. It’s been said that apologetics is the handmaiden of evangelism and I think that’s true. I’m passionate to reach people for Christ; that’s my goal. It’s not to win an argument, it’s not to try to play point-counter-point with a skeptic but to try to reach them with the gospel and try to lead them into a relationship with Jesus Christ. So I do see myself not as an apologist but as an evangelist who employs apologetics. —Lee Strobel (From, Lee Strobel on Evangelism and Apologetics)

Apologetics QuotesChristianity is realistic because it says that if there is no truth, there is also no hope; and there can be no truth if there is no adequate base. It is prepared to face the consequences of being proved false and say with Paul: If you find the body of Christ, the discussion is finished, let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die. It leaves absolutely no room for a romantic answer. ― Francis Schaeffer

Apologetics QuotesThe New Testament is filled with accounts of miracles that Jesus performed during the course of his ministry. Scientific mistrust of the Bible began with the Enlightenment belief that miracles cannot be reconciled to a modern, rational view of the world. Armed with this presupposition, scholars turned to the Bible and said, “The Biblical accounts can’t be reliable because they contain descriptions of miracles.” The premise behind such a claim is “Science has proven that there is no such thing as miracles.” But embedded in such a statement is a leap of faith. It is one thing to say that science is only equipped to test for natural causes and cannot speak to any others. It is quite another to insist that science proves that no other causes could possibly exist. – Tim Keller

Apologetics QuotesWisdom is the application of knowledge gained from studying both God’s written Word and His revealed truth in creation. If we are going to be wise, spiritual people prepared to meet the crises of our age, we must be a studying, learning community that values the life of the mind. —J.P.Moreland (From, Love God With All Your Mind)

Apologetics QuotesI have found that the more I reflect philosophically on the attributes of God the more overwhelmed I become at his greatness and the more excited I become about Bible doctrine. Whereas easy appeals to mystery prematurely shut off reflection about God, rigorous and earnest effort to understand him is richly rewarded with deeper appreciation of who he is, more confidence in his reality and care, and a more intelligent and profound worship of his person. – William Lane Craig

Apologetics QuotesThe cumulative evidence for Jesus’ claim to divinity and the prophetic specifics that had to congeal clearly make for a book with the power of the supernatural. That is why writers such as Peter, Paul, John, Jude, and Luke, from highly different backgrounds, nevertheless paint a similar picture of the Word of God who became flesh and dwelled among us, whose pure and impeccable life accompanied his teaching, and that he was the fulfillment of the prophetic voices from Moses to Malachi, who, over more than a thousand years, predicted his coming, his death, and his resurrection. From carpenters to fishermen to educators to theologians to civic leaders to a medical doctor—they all converge on the same truth. These don’t sound like people who would make up a story and one by one go to an early death to support it! Take Paul alone—a Hebrew by birth who studied in Greece and was a citizen of Rome, a highly educated man and a leader in his community. There was nothing he wanted to do more than to disprove Jesus as the Messiah. Yet he ended up writing one-third of the New Testament and paid for his faith in Christ with his life. Why would he make up such a thing? —Ravi Zacharias