Bibles for China: A Video That Every Christian and Aspiring Apologist Must See

by Greg West

Most Americans own at least one Bible and many own several. If you are a Bible nut like myself, you probably own more than the average person. If you don’t own one, they are easily accessible if you wish to obtain one. A Bible can be purchased from just a few dollars into the hundreds of dollars for a really nice leather bound one. Many churches (like my own) have them available free of charge. Should you choose to do so, you can read the Bible online in many different translations and languages on your computer or mobile device. To put it mildly, if you are a Christian in the west and are not reading/studying the Bible, the fault is no one else’s but your own.

Bible reading and studying is essential for Christian growth—and if you are an aspiring apologist it is even more so. How do you expect to be able to commend and defend the faith if you are ignorant of what is is you are defending and commending? When I rededicated my life to Christ after many years as an agnostic, one of the first things I did was make it a priority to read the Bible all the way through. Having been raised in the church, I thought I knew just about everything in the Bible, but it wasn’t until I read it all the way through that I realized just how wrong I was!

I started with a one year plan and eventually worked up the courage to go through a “Bible in 90 Days” course where you actually read through the entire Bible in 90 days (it’s not as hard as it sounds—with a little discipline it can be accomplished by reading about an hour a day). I tried other reading plans as well, including reading it through chronologically, which is something I highly recommend! Once, while I was between jobs, I even read the Bible all the way through in just under a month. Since going through a second Bible in 90 Days course with me a few years ago, my dad now reads the through the Bible at four times a year—five if you count his annual reading plan. My dad’s retired so he has that kind of time, which I kind of envy. I realize this is not a viable option for everyone, including myself.

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I cannot begin to explain how exciting it is to realize how the Bible is one coherent story—even though it is made up of 66 separate books written over a period of about 1500 years by around 40 different authors from all walks of life and from many different geographical locations—it really staggers the mind! If the Bible is fiction, not only would it be the greatest work of fiction ever written, but since it claims to be true, it would also be the greatest conspiracy known to mankind, with no other conspiracy even coming close. That claim could be be made of the Gospels alone, which are a mere 4 books among the 66.

With the availability of the Scriptures here in the west, we tend to forget that in many places in the world it is illegal to own one, let alone distribute them. I remember reading one story (I wish I could recall the source), of a missionary in a restricted country who managed to deliver a pocket New Testament to an eager young student who had begged him incessantly for a Bible, which were very hard to come by. When the student was given the small Bible, he immediately began tearing out the pages and using them as papers with which to roll cigarettes. Mortified, the missionary inquired why he was doing this since he had delivered the Bible at great risk to himself. The student replied that is was the safest way to smuggle the Bible into prisons in which Christians were being held, and that the pages would be read, re-read, and passed around until they simply disintegrated from the frequent handling.

I don’t know about you, but that story makes me ashamed at how little time I actually spend in the word. Many Christians have risked (and given) there lives to deliver and distribute Bibles in restricted countries—and just late last year, 80 people were executed in North Korea, some of whose only crime was owning a Bible. In the video below, you will witness Chinese Christians receiving their own Bibles for the first time. While it is not illegal to own a Bible in China, they are hard to come by. This video might bring tears to your eyes as it did mine, but more than touching your heart, I hope it will act as a call to action and inspire you to get into the word yourself and help get it out to others. Please visit Bibles for China for more information.


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