God Didn’t Create Moral Law, It’s Simply a Reflection of His Character

by J Warner Wallace

Moral truths are malleable and subjective if they aren’t grounded in a transcendent source (such as God). I’m not the only person to realize this; even honest atheists recognize the inconsistency of embracing objective moral truths while simultaneously rejecting the one reasonable source for such truths. In a recent exchange with an atheist who is frustrated with his peers, I received the following email:

“It’s the rare atheist who will honestly admit what their world view would wreak, taken to its logical conclusion. To know that you are simply an accidental conglomeration of chemicals at the same time that such a thing as morals even exist is oxymoronic statement and yet I hear it all the time from fellow atheists.  …Be consistent. Acknowledge that the Universe is an uncaused accident, ethics is an illusion, and act accordingly. Or acknowledge the possibility of another possibility.  Stop trying to have it both ways.  Can you be an ethical atheist?  Yes.  But you won’t be a logical one.”

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That’s an amazingly honest statement from an atheistic perspective. The writer seems to be struggling with the same realizations I recognized as I journeyed from atheism to theism:

Objective moral truths are self-evident
Moral truths are not encoded in our DNA
Moral truths are not simply a matter of cultural agreement
Moral truths are not simply driven by “human flourishing”
Moral truths are not dictated by a common concern for our species
There is a difference between moral utility and moral creation

Theism provides, at the very least, sufficient “grounding” for the objective moral laws we willingly affirm with our words (or unwillingly reveal with our lives). I’ve encountered a number of skeptics who object to such a claim, however. One objection is named after one of Plato’s dialogues (the Euthyphro). Skeptics who hold this objection make the following claim: If God is the source of morality and decides what is “right” or “wrong,” the relationship between God and moral truth can be described in one of only two ways, and both of these possibilities are problematic…

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God Didn’t Create Moral Law, It Is Simply a Reflection of His Character | Cold Case Christianity


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