Is Christianity the Best Worldview?

by Al Serrato

Christianity is often touted as the way to “save” men – not in the ultimate sense of their souls, but in the sense of fixing what’s “broken” in them. A person “finds” religion and reforms, putting behind them some of the temptations of the flesh.  Often times, connecting with the ultimate source of good can help people who are struggling – but not always. And so, sometimes the apologist is challenged with a question like one I was asked not long ago:

There are many people out there who hold other world views that are perfectly satisfactory to them. I’m sure there are others who don’t have any world view at all and are fine with that. Christianity claims to have all the answers, but if that’s the case, why are there so many people who seem perfectly content without it? In other words, why should I adopt your worldview”

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This is a challenging question, because it is quickly apparent that success in the material or worldly sense does not require one to be a Christian, or even to act like one. After all, selfishly pursuing one’s own interests can work to one’s advantage for quite some time.  So, if this present life is all there is, then Christianity has nothing to offer that the world does not already have. But to a thoughtful person, there is more at play than simply what pleasure he might obtain today. An adequate worldview must answer more than how to maximize one’s earnings, or one’s pleasure. It must make sense of the tough questions that haunt us in the still and darkness of the night, questions such as: “why are we here?” “what’s next?” “how should we live?” and “what is required for salvation?” Many people today live lives not of reflection but of hyper-stimulation. They may never have taken the time to examine their worldview, and as they bounce from one activity to the next, they push away the nagging sense that something is missing. So it is that they may not realize, at least not for a very long time, that they are operating on a very “stripped down” view of the world, one that highlights pleasure and power, but ignores those things that endure…

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