Lee Strobel: What’s Trending in Apologetics Today?

Lee Strobel Interview by Brian Orme

I really believe we’re on the cusp of a golden era in Christian apologetics. We’re living in very exciting times. The water has been stirred by atheists, anti-theists and agnostics, and there’s an atmosphere of skepticism because of it. To me, that just spells opportunity; it means people are thinking about these issues, and they’re willing to listen and engage and discuss these topics. Apologetics has always been the handmaiden of evangelism. It’s a tool that’s used in the evangelistic process. It’s always about helping people get past those spiritual sticking points that are holding them up in their spiritual journeys.

Today, for the average Christian, the watchword in apologetics isn’t debate—it’s dialogue. And very few Christians are equipped to do formal debate. I’m not. That’s not my specialty. But most of us can engage in a dialogue, a conversation, a friendship, a relationship where we can sit with spiritually curious neighbors and

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friends and have extended discussions about what we believe and why we believe it. It’s more of a relational apologetic. It’s not the old “line up somebody against the wall and machine gun them with 15 reasons for the resurrection.” It’s more like two friends having a conversation.

I also think apologetics is coming back under the umbrella of the local church. Years ago, the church lost interest or abandoned apologetics, and that resulted in a lot of parachurch organizations filling the void. But now, we’re seeing churches engage more and more with apologetics. We’re also seeing a new expression of creativity in apologetics with innovative websites, documentaries, feature films, Twitter, YouTube, and even fiction…

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