More Dr. Seuss, Less George Lucas

by Jason Wisdom

The story is told that after Dr. Seuss wrote his epic masterpiece “The Cat in the Hat,” his publisher, Bennett Cerf, bet him that he could not write a book using less than 50 different words. The good doctor (who was not a real doctor) stepped up to the challenge, and in 1960, produced what became the fourth highest selling children’s book of all time: “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away, the year was 1983, and a man named George Lucas had just finished creating what is arguably the single greatest science fiction trilogy of all time: Star Wars. The movies were labeled Episodes 4, 5, and 6, and thus, everyone knew that a subsequent trilogy of prequels would likely follow. Lucas waited 22 years. During that time, the Star Wars franchise became an empire. Then, in 2005, George Lucas’ empire struck back. He released the much anticipated trilogy of prequels to great fanfare.

Unfortunately, they were absolutely atrocious movies. The stories were terrible; the acting was mediocre; the special effects were contrived. They were really, really bad. Fortunately for Lucas, children and people who were determined to like the movies no matter how bad they were, ensured that the movies made an outrageous amount of money. But he wasn’t finished. Oh no. A cartoon television series, video games, endless dramatic novels, and just about anything you can imagine were produced to expand the Star Wars universe and storyline. Then, in 2013, it was confirmed that a 7th Star Wars film was going into production.

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30 years after the completion of the original movies, fans are divided. Some are elated, while others are just exhausted at the thought of another Star Wars trilogy.

In the 21st century, we need defenders of the faith who can be more like Dr. Seuss than George Lucas. Let me explain what I mean. Opponents of the faith are daily producing millions of  tweets, memes, and YouTube videos that encapsulate their disgust with religion, and Christianity in particular, in no more than 140 characters or a couple of minutes. They are often clever and funny. Unfortunately, the response from those who seek to defend the faith is generally anything but that. After a simple, cutting, 140 character (or less) tweet critiquing Christianity, I have seen people chain together 10+ tweets in attempt to offer a response. Not only does that a misuse of the Twitter platform, but it just looks awful. In the social media world, the person who can state his case concisely and cleverly, wins. The guy who has to duct tape together a “twitter novel” in order to respond, loses.

I have also seen a simple, satirical meme or YouTube video posted on Facebook and the first response looks like it was copied and pasted from a dissertation. You have to scroll for weeks just to see the second comment. Or worse yet, the comment doesn’t actually offer any response, but just refers people to an 800 page book that went out of print before the original Star Wars…

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More Dr. Seuss, Less George Lucas – Because It’s True