Religion is for People Who Don’t Think

by Jason Wisdom

“Religion is for people who don’t think.” I have heard similar sentiments expressed countless times by skeptics of Christianity. I actually read a hilarious but thought provoking article from The Onion (a satirical newspaper, not appropriate for all readers) earlier today with the headline, “Local Church Full Of Brainwashed Idiots Feeds Town’s Poor Every Week.” I could not stop laughing. The last line reads: “As of press time, the brainless, unthinking lemmings had donated winter clothing they no longer wore to several needy families and still hadn’t opened their eyes to reality.” While it may be true that some religions, and even some pseudo-Christian groups embrace a blind, don’t-think-just-believe sort of faith; nevertheless, I believe I can demonstrate why that idea is completely unbiblical. It is not compatible with historic Christianity.

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Throughout the Bible, God calls for people to respond to Him by thinking. Very often when He gives a command, He simultaneously instructs the people to think about, to consider, or to remember something. Granted, there are times when God simply issues a command. He is under no obligation to give reasons. However, the Bible is replete with examples where God essentially says, “I am not asking you for blind allegiance. Haven’t you thought about..” or “You need to remember…” He doesn’t say, “Turn your brain off and follow me.” Nor does he say, “Just follow your heart [and vote for Pedro].” I won’t give anything close to an exhaustive list here, because that would be very tedious, but here are just a few examples to make my general point. The God of the Bible calls people to follow him, not by shutting off their brains and denying reality, but by using their brains and thinking about the way things really are…

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Religion is for People Who Don’t Think – Because It’s True