What Key Arguments Are There for God’s Existence? (Part 1: Cosmological Argument)

By Natasha Crain

I’m excited to start my series today on “65 Questions Every Christian Parent Needs to Learn to Answer.” Yes, I’m going to answer each one on my blog this year (amongst other posts)!

Let’s get right to question #1: What key arguments are there for God’s existence? If you can’t confidently answer that question right now in a way that doesn’t reference your personal experience or the Bible, this is a post you need to read.

Why This Question is Important

(I’ll start all posts in the series with this section.)

In today’s secular culture, the Bible is increasingly considered to be a set of ancient documents filled with inconsistencies, erroneous science, implausible miracles, and irrelevant moral standards for modern life. Its difficulties have become the stumbling block driving many young adults away from Christianity.

But what if we step back and look at the evidence for God without discussing the Bible at all? The actual existence of God is a prerequisite for the Bible even mattering. If your kids are strongly convicted of God’s existence, they’ll be far less likely to casually toss their faith aside when they begin encountering biblical or other spiritual difficulties.

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All three of the arguments I’ll discuss in this series are easily understandable by kids of all ages. I’ve described each to my 5-year-olds (in an age appropriate way).

Three Major Arguments for God’s Existence

There are three major arguments used to “prove” God’s existence. Many other lines of reasoning have been used, but the three most significant you should know are the creation (“cosmological”) argument, the design (“teleological”) argument and the moral argument. In this post, I’ll discuss the creation argument. My next two posts will explain the design and moral arguments.

While this may sound highly philosophical (perhaps boring if you’re not normally into this kind of discussion), I assure you that these arguments have immense practical significance. And when you fully internalize their meaning, dare I suggest you might even find them spiritually invigorating?

Nothing has solidified my personal faith, taking me from belief to passionate conviction, like learning these three arguments for God’s existence in depth.

Outline of the Creation Argument

The creation argument provides reasoning for God based on the existence of the universe. There are three parts to remember (people state this in various ways, but the conclusion is the same):

  1. The universe had a beginning.
  2. Anything that had a beginning must have been caused by something else.
  3. Therefore the universe was caused by something else, which we call God.

It’s quite simple on the surface, but it’s a powerful argument with far-reaching implications if true. Let’s look at each part briefly…


What Key Arguments Are There for God’s Existence? (Part 1: Cosmological Argument)