Why We Should Resist the “Marketing” of Faith

by Al Serrato

We live in an age of marketing, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see Christianity touted by some as a way of solving life’s problems. Whether it’s poverty, illness, the loss of a job, or a failed relationship, the sales “pitch” in many of the largest mega-churches today is that a relationship with Jesus will solve the problem. 

The difficulty with this approach isn’t that Christianity can’t help someone improve his life. In many cases, living according to Biblical values can indeed make life better. The problem is that our faith starts to be marketed as a product, a method of achieving some desirable end. A person identifies a need in his or her life and Christianity fills that need, the way any product might do.

But this is not the message of Christianity. The Bible is not a “how to” manual on achieving financial or worldly success. It does not promise riches in the here and now, nor an end to all hardship. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the early fathers of the church, and their followers, could have attested. In short, Christianity tells the story of man’s broken relationship with his Creator. It claims to speak truth about the nature of God and of the rift between

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So, viewing Christianity as a handbook for high performance living is mistaken. It reduces the most compelling and wonderful story ever told to some type of owner’s manual to instruct us in the proper use of our time and our bodies. No, we need to consider Christianity on its merits, on its historical truth claims…

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