Apologetics is Worthless if…

by Jacob Allee

There are some incredible apologetics arguments out there. I mean, truly, there are some mind-blowingly powerful arguments in defense of the faith. Arguments for God’s existence such as The Cosmological Argument (Kalam or otherwise), The Teleological Argument, The Ontological Argument, The Moral Argument and more. For the resurrection we have the Minimal Facts Argument which is, I think, the most persuasive case for the resurrection out there. For the reliability of the Bible we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the amount of extant manuscripts that show how the Bible has been preserved over the centuries, and we have incredible secondary sources from early church fathers to early enemy testimony that corroborates information in the Bible, and we have archaeological evidence that strongly supports many facts spoken of in the Bible about people, places and things. Truly the cumulative case for Christianity is impressive and, in my opinion, extremely cogent.

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Not only do we have well formed arguments that have been tried, tested and found strong over the centuries which have been refined by fire to be even stronger today, but we also have some pretty incredible people who have utilized these arguments. Christianity has arguably produced some of the finest minds the world has ever known. Augustine, Aquinas, Pascal, Calvin, to name a few famous ones in the history of the church and, in more contemporary times, we have (or had) people like C. S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, Alvin Plantinga, William Lane Craig, Ravi Zacharias, J. P. Moreland, and more. All of whom no one in their right mind would call dimwitted or uneducated. And all of these men throughout the history of the church up to our present day have created, developed, perfected and/or delivered incredibly persuasive arguments in favor of Christianity.

The fact is, we have the goods. We have the real ability to compete in the marketplace of ideas and win. With some of the best arguments and minds on our side we can get fair minded people to accept core truths of Christianity such as God exists, truth exists, objective moral values exist, the Bible is a reliable witness to historical events, Jesus was a real person who lived, died and rose bodily from the dead, that Jesus is God, etc., etc. And all of these are incredibly important and impressively defensible. But all of this, all of our apologetics effort, is worthless if…

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