Dear New Atheists, Would You Like to Live in North Korea?

by Matt Rawlings

, a Christian philosopher and provost of Houston Baptist University, rightly pointed out on Twitter this weekend that while the world jokes about Canada, hockey and who has to keep Justin Bieber, the atheist North Korean regime is slaughtering millions according to the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

I often hear New Atheist leaders like Sam Harris argue that a society governed purely by science and has banned religion would produce a better culture.  Yet, every nation that has followed this prescription has been a totalitarian disaster with a body count that is beyond the grasp of the most horrific imagination.

New Atheists are quick to point out that they reject the violence of Stalin’s Russia, Pol Pot’s killing fields, Mao’s China, Castro’s Cuba and Kim Jim Il’s North Korea.  But the problem is their rejection is wholly arbitrary for that have no objective means for opposing it. Leading atheist journalist and historian S.T. Joshi admits in his book The Unbelievers: The Evolution of Modern Atheist (Prometheus Books 2011), that if you are an atheist , “…it is the brutal truth that…(a) system of morals is merely a bundle of preferences…”  Joshi, like the late J.L. Mackie, Albert Camus and John Paul Sartre have the guts to admit the logical consequence of atheism is a lack of any objective moral laws and duties.

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North Korea is a nation that takes the logical outcome of the lack of objective morals and duties seriously.  They follow the “scientific” theories of Karl Marx, Charles Darwin and John Dewey and other modern secular thinkers.

Marx argued there is a fixed amount of wealth and workers are oppressed by those seeking profit. Thus, there needs to be a large, omnipotent government that oversees the economy in order to guarantee fairness for all and that religion distracts from present focus and therefore needs to be outlawed.

Charles Darwin argued all people are nothing more than the product of random mutations. Thus, we are really just a higher order of mammal.

John Dewey based his educational model on Darwin’s idea that we are nothing more than material beings.  In order to motivate individuals to be selfless and contribute their gifts to the larger community, the state needs to set up a system of rewards and punishments from a very young age.

The North Korean government has simply followed the purely secular scientific advice of Marx, Darwin and Dewey…

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Dear New Atheists, Would You Like to Live in North Korea? | Pastor Matt


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