Debunking the Debunkers

by Clint Field

I have a confession to make – I subscribe to several atheist blogs.

I do this for several reasons.  I think Christians should challenge and test their faith.  Truth should be our goal, and if Christianity is not supported by the facts, then we are to be pitied as fools.  Another good reason for reading these blogs is that I learn their arguments, and that enables me to fulfill Peter 3:16 and always be ready with an answer.

Reading these blogs can be painful though.  They are typically filled with anger, ridicule, and a total lack of humility.  Of course, a lot is on the line for these atheists.  They must be smarter, because if they are not intellectually superior, then their foundation will crumble.

Here is a case in point.  A popular blog called Debunking Christianity recently posted this short blog – “A House of Cards Built on Faith: Without a Historical “Old Testament” How Can Judaism, Christianity and Islam Have Any Credibility?”  The author opens with this statement:

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People who accept religion (especially those in the Judao-Christian-Islamic belief systems) do so emotionally (as if they have found absolute truth) only to be made into doctrinal mental slaves. 

This is a pretty broad sweeping claim isn’t it?  He assumes that people of faith do so on pure emotion and then blindly follow doctrine.

This is nothing but a bald-faced assertion with no evidence whatsoever to support it.

Plenty of atheists over the centuries have investigated the claims of the Bible and determined that the contents were indeed true.  Some, like C.S. Lewis, even confessed that they reluctantly became Christians!  Emotion can play a part in becoming Christian, but that is not the case for everyone.  We should also note that emotions may not always be reliable indicators of the truth, but they are not in themselves an indication that one has fallen victim to a grand lie.

The bottom line is that assertions like this are just rhetoric meant to frighten people.  Don’t let these claims rattle you.  Challenge them to give evidence that all religious people are basing their faith on emotion.  Don’t worry, they can’t…

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