What Is The Biggest Obstacle To The Apologetics Movement?

by Austin Gravley

Right now is a great time to be an apologist. We are living in a period of time where apologetics is booming, both in academic and everyday life. It’s never been easier to get your hands on material that can strengthen your faith and empower your evangelism, and the time to utilize these resources has never been more urgent. With the rise of the current missions movement abroad, religious persecution in the Middle East, and increasing secularization in America and Europe, being equipped to give a defense of the Gospel wherever it is challenged is no longer optional; it is required if you are to be a witness in today’s world.

Every movement has it’s obstacles to overcome, and the apologetics movement is no different. Right now we are living in what one apologist has described as “the anti-intellectual age of the church”, and we are seeing the fruit of this anti-intellectualism wreck havoc on churches and Christians, many whom end up leaving the church when they

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arrive at college. Another consequence of this anti-intellectualism is the rise of apathy – Christians just do not seem to care about defending their faith or developing a solid worldview.

I’ve been pondering what the biggest hindrance to this movement is. Is it the problem of the anti-intellectual church? Is it the apathetic indifference of the average Christian? Is it the lack of funding, or publicity, or accessibility? What is holding this movement back from accelerating a full speed?

My personal opinion: apologists are the biggest hindrance of the apologetics movement.

Hear me out: I don’t believe apologists *in of themselves* are the biggest hindrance. Obviously the work of diligent apologists, both professional and layperson, has born much fruit already! I also don’t believe that the problems listed about aren’t considerable challenges for us to face; indeed, they are tall, looming obstacles to overcome. When I say that apologists are the biggest hindrances, I am talking about a specific type…

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