Which God?

by Jason Petersen

A common objection by atheists to any first-cause argument is “Which God?” Oftentimes, when an argument is presented, such as the Kalam Cosmological Argument, or the Argument from Motion, the atheist will say: “Well, you haven’t proven that it was your god that created everything.” This article will be addressing this question.

The Shortcomings of the Objection

Before the question is directly dealt with, it is important that readers take two reasons why this objection doesn’t help atheism:

1.) The objection does not affect the Truth of Christianity.

Even in a world where God exists, particularly the Christian God, people can(and in

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Christianity’s case) and will invent their own gods.(Deuteronomy 32:17, Joshua, 24:2) God knew that this would be the tendency of humanity, so God made a direct command to us to not invent gods to worship instead of God himself.(Exodus 20:1-5.) Such being the case, certainly such an objection does nothing to make Christianity less likely to be true. After all, if Christianity is true, we would, according to scripture, actually expect that people would invent their own gods.

2.) This Objection Contradicts the Premise of Atheism.

Atheism is a denial of the existence of gods.[1] To even suppose that it could be another god does nothing to help the atheist’s case. If ANY god created the universe or set it into motion, then atheism would be false. The atheist must focus on supporting their own worldview, rather than asking about other gods…

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