7 Reasons Why I Believe Christianity is True

by Stephen J. Bedard

I am a Christian. But I was not always a Christian. I grew up in the church but I did not have a personal faith. In my mid-teens I left the church and became an atheist. In my early twenties I became a theist. A few years later I became a Christian. Why do I believe Christianity is true? Here are seven reasons.

1. I believe there is a God. Believing in God is not about blind faith. There are good reasons for believing in God. For me it was the cosmological argument and the argument from design. There are many other arguments and together they provide strong evidence that there is a God.

2. I believe in the Bible. I am not talking about inspiration or infallibility (although I believe in those). I mean that I believe that the Bible is accurate in what it teaches. I have spent half my life studying the Bible and my respect for this book has only grown.

3. I believe Jesus rose from the dead. I have looked at the historical evidence for the resurrection. I have looked at the alternatives to the resurrection. The best explanation for the evidence is the resurrection of Jesus.

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4. I have experienced a personal transformation. I was pretty messed up in my mid-teens to early twenties. This includes, but is not limited to, some pretty heavy drinking. The drinking was only a symptom of the problems inside me. Becoming a Christian transformed my life and has made me a better person.

5. I know Christianity works. This by itself is not a proof for Christianity, but it is a part of it. Christianity explains both the good and the bad in the world. It is a world view that is coherent and makes sense. Those who embrace it experience hope and joy and a purpose…

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