Big Bang Confirmed: Does This Hold Any Implications for the Christian Worldview?

by Pastor Brian Chilton

On March 17th, 2014, scientist confirmed hard evidence that suggested that the universe came about from what it called a “Big Bang,” or as it is preferable called “cosmic inflation.” Cornell University cosmologist Rachel Bean states, “It’s a really profound discovery for cosmology. It’s a phenomenal announcement” (Watson 2014, USA Today). The announcement came from the BICEP2 experiments conducted at the South Pole. The BICEP2 is a large telescope in Antarctica used to peer into deep space. Christian astro-physicist Jeff Zweerink states that this is done in the South Pole because the moisture from other parts of the planet skews the data (Zweerink 2014, RTB). The farther one peers into deep space the farther back in time one is able to look. What was discovered were effects or twists in particles which would come from strong gravitational forces at play in the

early universe. Vergano writes, “The discovery team relied on microwave-detecting telescopes in Antarctica, where clear skies and dry air allowed unparalleled views of the cosmic microwave background. The South Pole measurements came over three seasons of observation from 2010 to 2012, in areas of the sky two to ten times as wide as the full moon. These wide views allowed telescopes to look for gravitational wave patterns in the cosmic microwave background. Inflation theory held that these light particles, seen as microwaves today, should be preferentially twisted in their orientation, an effect similar to the light blocking of polarized sunglasses” (Vergano 2014, National Geographic). So what are the implications of this finding?

The Universe is Finite: Big Bang Apologetic Arguments are Valid

This provides clear cut evidence that the universe came into existence at a particular point in time. This confirms the main content of arguments used by William Lane Craig such as the Kalam Cosmological Argument and others that use the Big Bang as part of their argumentation. Note that this does not necessarily prove all the tenets of arguments used pertaining the creation, but only the validity that this universe is finite. Apologetic arguments that rely on the Big Bang hold tight. Intelligent design (ID) concepts are also verified by this finding. While this finding does not prove ID, it supports many of the conclusions that ID proponents promote…

Big Bang Confirmed: Does This Hold Any Implications for the Christian Worldview?