Is God Real? The Case from Cosmology

by J Warner Wallace

My friend, Frank Turek, often says, “Even if I wasn’t a Christian, I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.” In fact, as most of you know, Frank co-authored a powerful book with the same title: I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist. When I first examined the Gospels, I became convinced of their reliability, but I wasn’t yet a believer. I began to slowly inch from atheism to agnosticism, however, and this movement was caused by my growing confidence in the historical record related to Jesus. But if a resurrection actually occurred, I knew I was going to have to reconsider my atheism and begin to examine the evidence for God’s existence. It was time to answer the question: Is God real?

I had looked at the evidence many times prior to this, but as I became more accomplished as a detective and criminal case maker, the power and importance of circumstantial evidence began to dominate my thinking. The cumulative circumstantial case for God’s existence became harder and harder to ignore. One line of evidence was particularly interesting to me. The evidence from cosmology, specifically the evidence for a universe with a beginning, seemed to point to an uncaused, first cause with tremendous power (follow the section titles links to learn more):

The Evidence for a Universe with a Beginning Points to God’s Existence
Evidence from the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the expansion of the universe, the radiation echo, the abundance of Helium in the cosmos and the philosophical problem of infinite regress indicate we are in a universe that began to exist at a fixed point in the distant past.

The Principle of Causality Points to God’s Existence
The Principle of Causality requires us to look for the cause of our universe based on the finite nature of the Cosmos. Every effect, everything that begins, everything that changes, everything that is finite, and everything that is limited has a cause. The first cause of our finite universe must also be uncaused in order for us to avoid the irrationality of an infinite series of causes. All of us, regardless of worldview, are searching for the uncaused, first cause of the universe…

Is God Real? The Case from Cosmology