Brian Autin’s Apologetics 315 was a huge inspiration to me in starting The Poached Egg. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing several prominent apologists (Including Brian himself), but I could never hold a candle to Brian who has interviewed over 100. The content to explore at Apologetics 315 is nearly inexhaustible, but below are 12 links to specific pages on the site that I think are indispensible to any and every apologist or to those just starting out in learning how to defend and commend the Christian faith. Brian’s Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links is one of the features I never miss and was also the inspiration behind our own Apologetics Hit and Misc. series. Brian, thank you for paving the way for The Poached Egg and for all you do for the Kingdom and the apologetics community! Keep up the great work!

Quote: I want to see churches start their own apologetics ministries because it is our scriptural mandate to “always be prepared to give an answer.” Yet there often is very little preparation going on! When challenges to faith come, people struggle to find substantive answers. This may cause some believers to resort to a sort of “believe it anyway” mentality; for others it causes them to abandon the faith altogether. Research by the Barna Group has shown that a majority of young people walk away from the faith around the time they go to college or university. They simply have not been equipped to deal with the secular challenges that come against their faith. —Brian Auten (from, The State of Apologetics w/Lee Strobel)

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