Christianity is Weird!

by Jason Wisdom

In the past, I might have taken offense if someone said that what I believe is weird. I grew up in “Bible Belt.” For the majority of my life, Christianity has felt as normal as drinking sweet tea. And what exactly do they mean by “weird” anyway? Compared to what? But now that I am older, and hopefully a bit wiser, I am content to agree.* Christianity is weird. And that is precisely why it matters if it is true.

It is weird to base your whole life on a collection of ancient writings; especially if those writings include stories of talking animals. It is weird to base your whole life on the teachings of a Jewish carpenter and itinerant teacher who lived 2000 years ago. It is even weirder to think that this man was not merely human, but the creator of the universe in the flesh. It is weirder still to think that he died and rose 3 days later, offering salvation to all who would trust in his life, death, and resurrection.

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We baptize people. From babies to the elderly, we make sure that people who are joining our community get wet. That is a little bit weird. We eat bread and drink wine/grape juice that, depending on your tradition, ranges from representing the flesh and blood of Jesus, to actually becoming the flesh and blood of Jesus through miraculous transformation. Very weird.

Adults who would ordinarily never volunteer to participate in a sing along or listen to someone give a lecture or speech, gather together at least once a week to sing songs of praise to, and listen to someone lecture about, this book, this man, this God, and these traditions. Just weird.

I am not afraid to say it: Christianity is weird…

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Christianity is Weird! – Because It’s True


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