GND, TPE, RC, and Apologetics on TBN’s PTL?!? WOW!

by Greg West

No, I wasn’t trying to see how many initials I can put in the title of a single post, but it sure does look like it. My friend Rice Broocks, who is the pastor of Bethel Outreach Center in Nashville, TN, is one of the hosts of the TBN’s Praise the Lord program. He also happens to be the author of the apologetics book, God’s Not Dead: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty, which was the inspiration behind the upcoming film God’s Not Dead (the official trailer can be viewed here), and also the theme of last night’s PTL program.

I highly recommended watching the entire program (which can be viewed here), but I especially recommend the last two segments; the first of which was a discussion on the relationship between faith and science (beginning at the 55:35 mark) with Dr. Ming Wang, who is a Harvard graduate, an eye surgeon, and research scientist. A former atheist, Dr. Wang’s story is one worth hearing, not to mention the excellent discussion on faith and science. The last segment (beginning at 01:31:30) featured and interview with Ratio Christi president, Rick Schenker. Rice and Rick discussed apologetics, how RC grew from having just ten student apologetics groups on college campuses to 130 in three short

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years. I was thrilled to hear Rice mention meeting me and telling Rick how he first discovered RC through TPE. Not only was I glad to see discussions like these take place on TBN, but I was even more thrilled that it took place within the context of sharing the Gospel, and that the gospel was clearly presented several times during the show.

Believe me, TBN was one of the last places I would expect to see the type of content that I saw last night, but it just goes to show that God truly does work in mysterious ways. I hope you will take the time to watch this show, or at least the last two segments and share with your friends. Also be sure to pick up a copy of Rice’s book and get out to see the movie God’s Not Dead, which opens nationwide in the US on March 21st, and internationally sometime in April.


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