God’s Not Dead Movie Cast Interview: Former Hercules Actor Kevin Sorbo

By Jeannie Law

Actor Kevin Sorbo, best known for his role as Hercules, spoke with BreatheCast about his upcoming film “God’s Not Dead,” in which he plays a character that is in direct contrast to his actual Christian beliefs. Sorbo opened up about atheism, society and how his new film can create a dialogue for unbelievers.

The movie “God’s Not Dead” is about a freshman college student named Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper), who enrolled in a philosophy class taught by a notorious and domineering professor. Prof. Radisson (Sorbo) demands all of his students sign a declaration that “God is dead” in order to get a passing grade in his class. Wheaton refused and defended his belief in God.

When questioned whether or not he knew of anyone who experienced a professor that tried to sway their students from believing in God; Sorbo said the topic hit close to home. The notorious University of Colorado professor, Ward Churchill, who is known for losing his job because he pushed anti-American teachings on his classroom, led Sorbo’s very own nephew astray.

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His niece and his nephew both attended the university and encountered Churchill but Sorbo said, “Unfortunately one of them fell into that world.” His brother’s son began to idolize this professor and his teachings, and even grew out his hair to look like him. “He became a disciple of this guy, and hasn’t talked to his father in years,” the actor shared.

“He’s become anti-American,” Sorbo stated. “I got a hold of him through email about four years ago and I received such a strange email back from him, to which he responded, with “You know what, I’m going to pray for you. I feel sad for you that you have no love in your life and so much anger and hate,” he emotionally said.

He went on to compare that hatred to some of what he faces from his peers in Hollywood. “It’s like so many people you see in the entertainment industry and you can just tell that they are so angry,” he said.

He offered advice to those that may come across this type of coercive persuasion. As believers, “you got to go straight to the school, go straight to the newspapers you have to expose these people,” he instructed. “I’m not paying you money to attack God, you’re supposed to teach my kid about whatever that class is, it’s not about proving the existence of God” he illustrated, adding, “I think these people need to be exposed and lose there jobs.”

Sorbo said Christians in American need to speak up…

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God’s Not Dead Movie Cast Interview: Former Hercules Actor Kevin Sorbo


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