‘God’s Not Dead’ Producer Answers Critics Who Say Film Is Too Over the Top

by  Billy Hallowell

“God’s Not Dead,” a film about an atheist professor who challenges a Christian student to an epic debate over God’s existence, surprised the box office last weekend, coming in fourth place and pulling in $9.2 million.

But in the midst of the film’s success, some critics are calling its central plot patently unrealistic — a claim the film’s producer refuted this week in an interview with TheBlaze.

Image source: “God’s Not Dead”/Facebook

In “God’s Not Dead,” the atheist Professor Radisson, played by Kevin Sorbo, threatens to fail Christian student Josh Wheaton after he refuses to disavow the existence of God.

“Friendly Atheist” blogger Hemant Mehta called the film ”one of those movies ripped right from the pages of Snopes.” And Libby Anne of the “Love, Joy, Feminism” blog said its premise is “so unrealistic as to be ludicrous.”

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But Pure Flix Entertainment CEO Russell Wolfe told TheBlaze that the inspiration for the film was derived from some very real First Amendment court cases.

After hearing Alliance Defending Freedom president Alan Sears, a conservative lawyer, share a story about a college student embroiled in a campus battle after defending her faith, Wolfe began thinking more intently about the issue of religious freedom.

“I found out that there were a lot of other cases,” he said.

Eventually, Wolfe was inspired to create a movie about religious freedom, which led to “God’s Not Dead.”

And to prove that First Amendment infractions sometimes unfold at college campuses, Wolfe inserted a list of more than 40 real-life court battles at the end of the film …


‘God’s Not Dead’ Producer Answers Critics Who Say Film Is Too Over the Top | TheBlaze.com


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