ISWA turns five!

by Sarah Ankenman

Today marks five years that the International Society of Women in Apologetics has been in existence. Even as I write that sentence, I sit incredulous at how dramatically my life has changed since it began, and even more so, how the field of apologetics has changed. I started in apologetics ten years ago and at the time, to my knowledge, there were no women officially being recognized as apologists. Even five years ago, I was completely unaware of the few that did exist. I went home after a particularly inspiring chat with Dr. Geisler at seminary and googled “women in apologetics”. NOTHING came up that was even remotely related to women being apologists. All that came up were a bunch of articles about the controversy of women in ministry. 😉 Something told me to buy the domain “” just in case I may ever need it someday. Within the next few years, God brought passionate, Godly female apologists into my life through various circumstances, all of which are now a part of ISWA. At first, I was thinking ISWA would be a think-tank for women apologists to collaborate and encourage each other as scholars. However, as word spread, it quickly became apparent that ISWA needed to start figuring out how to minister to the many like-minded women coming out of the woodwork…

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This is when God showed me that ISWA needed to become a legitimate non-profit ministry, set apart for the purposes of encouraging and equipping women to defend the historic Christian faith, for the sake of those that exist in their sphere of influence (For more on this, read the article entitled “Why ISWA?”). Eventually curriculum, resources for children, videos, podcasts, and articles started to fill up the website and all of a sudden, my email inbox was being flooded on a weekly basis with people interested in apologetics for women. The ladies of ISWA were being asked to speak all over the country and even the world! No longer did apologetics conferences have an exclusively male speaker line-up; now there is at least one woman (if not two or three!) in a majority of them. Colleges (go HBU!) all over the country are filling the holes in their faculties with bright, passionate women who love Christ and tirelessly work to equip others to successfully defend His holy name with meekness and respect…

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